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Add project to Cluj-Napoca 2015 Calendar!Add your project to the Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 Calendar!

We invite all the organizations, institutions, companies or initiative groups to include the activities they plan for 2015 in a common calendar that will serve as a platform to promote all that will take place in Cluj-Napoca during the year 2015 as European Youth Capital.

In order to include a project (conference, seminar, event, concert, etc.) in the calendar, each organization will have to register on the platform as a user and agree with the terms and conditions of the Youth@Cluj-Napoca2015 program. Each user can add their own projects and include them in the calendar, edit and update them and use the platform as an instrument in promoting their activities.

The project should reflect at least one of the priorities of the program (SHARE Culture, SHARE Joy, SHARE Power, SHARE Space, SHARE Vision, SHARE Work) and be implemented around the concept of SHARE European and Responsibly.
Calendar.pdf [33.82 Kb]

We are approaching the end of a beautiful spring month which has offered us plenty of reasons to get out of our homes. And this is just the beginning. April is preparing many surprises and we are more than excited to share some of them with you. These events are only a small part of the great picture of Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital.

So getting started, we notice that the first mark on our calendar is the Mental Health Week. The event will focus on topics such as couple compatibility or supporting people with chronic diseases. Discussions will be held the entire week in different indoor locations in the city.
The spring sunrays are so warming, they fill us with the energy and the feeling that winter is long gone. We are more than ready to this wonderful change, as it gives us what we need to go to all or events. The weeks seem shorter as each is full of many tempting things to do and places to go.

Getting started, we begin our week with an event organized by the Education Studio: ACTitude. Its purpose is to help young adults develop by using improvisational theatre.
Cluj Multicultural - March 14 The SHARE Federation Cluj-Napoca has the pleasure and the honour to invite you on Saturday, March 14, 2015, starting with 5 PM, at the Conference “Immigrant youth involvement at local, national and international level” and the launching of the platform. The Urban Cultural Centre of Cluj (former Casino building) in the Central Park from Cluj-Napoca will host the event.

In the first part of the event, we will talk together with our special guests about the problems of young migrants at local, national and international level and about their role and possibilities to be involved in the receiving-communities. This Conference is part of ACCESS Project, that aims to empower migrant youth to become politically active citizens on a local, national and EU-wide level and to be able to better contribute to the formulation of policies. ...
ATB - Birthday surprise from the Untold Festival

ATB, his real name being André Tanneberger, is one of the most known artists from trance music and he started his career in 1993, along with the Sequentian One band. In 1998, he makes his first step in his solo career, with the 9m (Till I come) play, which is included in his first album, ‘Movin’ Melodies’, which was ranked on the first position on Great Britain’s top music.

Until now, the artist prides itself with a number of ten albums, through which we can find: Dedicated, with the ‘Hold You’ and ‘You are not Alone’ hits and Distant Heart, launched in 2011. After a two years break, ATB comes back, at the beginning of 2014, with a new album, ‘Contact’ in which there can be found collaborations with Sean Ryan, York or Boss and Swan.