Cluj 2015 in a nutshell

Over 1.000 happenings, events and projects took place in the first 6 months in the program of Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital 2015. All made possible with the community that gets involved in the life of the city of Cluj-Napoca!

In just a few hours will begin the largest entertainment project of Cluj 2015 - UNTOLD Festival. There are expected hundreds of thousands of people during the 4 days of festival magic - July 30 - August 2.

The second half of the youth year at Cluj-Napoca will be at least as full of activities and events dedicated to youngsters and everyone else who has a young soul.

Here you can find a TIMELINE with some of the past and future Cluj 2015 events:
UNTOLD Festival - The story on chapters

UNTOLD Festival, the untold story of Transylvania on chapters:
production, budget, safeguards, and access payment system.

UNTOLD Festival, the most awaited festival of 2015 in Romania, is approaching fast. For four magical days, during 30th of July-2nd of August the most beloved electro-dance-music artists from around the world will share for the first time the same stage: AVICII, Armin van Buuren, David Guetta and DIMITRI VEGAS & LIKE.

Untold Festival means more than 170 artists, 8 main stages, four days with a program loaded with over 80 hours of music and lots of activities during the day. The uniqueness of the festival from the very first edition, includes the fact that the most beloved electro-dance-music artists will share the same stage for the first time in Cluj-Napoca. The public also has the opportunity to enjoy both the festival atmosphere and facilities of city life, an estimate number of 300,000 people being expected for the the entire festival. ...
Are you a tourist?

Are you a tourist?

See here how you can get around the city of Cluj-Napoca

If you are for the first time in Cluj-Napoca or you want to take a guided walk through the streets of Cluj-Napoca, make sure you consider one of these options below for tourist information and more. ...
UNTOLD Festival technologies


Discover festival’s mobile application, areas with Digi’s free internet,and the playlists including millions of songs.

UNTOLD Festival, the most awaited festival of 2015 in Romania, is approaching fastly. Just a week left from the four magical days, 30th of July to 2nd of August, when the most beloved electro-dance -music artists worldwide will share for the first time the same stage: AVICII, Armin van Buuren, David Guetta and DIMITRI VEGAS & LIKE MIKE will provide the public memorable performances. RCS & RDS offers participants during the festival free internet access through Digi – Wifi, and many other surprises offered by Digi Mobil that will make their presence at the festival an unforgettable experience.

The audience is expected to have a busy schedule in the 4 days: an impressive line -up, concerts for the first concert in Romania, lasers and lights shows, many thrilling activities during the day and most importantly, with technology solutions such as RFID system payments, mobile application, mobile recharging points, internet connection for the attendees, million songs playlists and the official festival hastag #untoldfestival. ...
UNTOLD Festival experiences


During 30th of July – 2nd of August, Untold Festival brings to Cluj-Napoca the most beloved artists around the world: AVICII, Armin van Buuren, David Guetta and DIMITRI VEGAS & LIKE MIKE. More than 170 artists will perform in the 4 days of the festival, furthermore concerts will be complemented by impressive lights & laser shows by night and extremely varied activities during the day.
Donate blood and go to UNTOLD Festival

Donate blood and go to UNTOLD Festival

"Pay with blood", between 20th-21st of July blood donors in Cluj-Napoca get festival tickets on the spot

The campaign to encourage blood donation "Pay with blood", held from 14th to 24th of July, organised by UNTOLD Festival in partnership with the National Institute of Blood Transfusion (INTS), managed to pull the alarm regarding Romania’s lack of blood donors. Furthermore the national mobilization of this campaign enjoys numerous international prestigious publications such as The Guardian or BBC News.

The “Pay with Blood” campaign is expected to attract an estimated number of over 500 Romanians who pay their ticket to the festival by donating blood.
Day 15 July - Reach the Sky

DAY 15 - REACH THE SKY - July 19th


See the video HERE of what „reaching the sky” in the European Youth Capital means! Dinner in the Sky Romania will bring for the first time a special platform that will lift you at 50 meters above the city where you can have a gourtmet meal!

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YOUTH PARK at Electric Castle

Electric Castle Festival 2015 is part of the European Youth Capital program

Electric Castle Festival and SHARE Federation join forces to attract more young people from all over Europe to Cluj - the city which is the European Youth Capital this year.

To remind participants at the largest summer festival, that in 2015 Cluj has hundreds of programs dedicated to young people throughout the year. Part of the Electric Castle Festival’s activities and concerts will take place at this edition, under the name of YOUTH PARK. It includes the second largest festival stage, Red Bull Music Academy, a BMX track, the route for demonstrations and competitions on two wheels and the Food Court area. Also YOUTH PARK will include the Booha Mansion, the already famous spot for parties at the pool, which will take place every day. A successful activity in previous editions, Silent Dance will be also held this year under the YOUTH PARK. ...
Cluj International Airport launches the project "Fly & Share Cluj"

Cluj International Airport in partnership with Cluj County Council, Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cluj launches the project "Fly & Share Cluj".

Cluj-Napoca, 15.06.2015 – Cluj "Avram Iancu" International Airport launches today the "Fly & Share Cluj" project, which aims to promote Cluj region and share to all those who choose as point of departure or arrival Cluj International Airport, the cultural and tourist attractions in the area, but also to share the economic and business potential offered by the region.

The project also aims to embrace the development expansion of the airport route network by creating new international collaborations with the states which are to be celebrated in the campaign. The project is a part of the actions under the Cluj-Napoca - European Youth Capital 2015 program. ...
Cluj Never Sleeps - An unpredictable journey

Cluj Never Sleeps - June 20-21 - An unpredictable journey in the European Youth Capital!

As you might have heard, this weekend, the city of Cluj-Napoca will give us the opportunity to experience an endless journey, which can be seen from several vantage points: moments bursting with energy, that can demonstrate us how relevant, interesting and diverse our culture can be! In other words, throughout the 20th and 21st of June, we will witness this joyful serie of events, commonly known as Cluj Never Sleeps!

We can catch a glimpse of this experience with the relaxing outdoor atmosphere of Day 15’s project - BEACH PARTY. The activity starts at 10 am, lasts until 10 pm, and, just as most of the events found during Cluj Never Sleeps, it provides a free entrance. It will take place at Grigorescu Beach, a forgotten area which was transformed by the Day 15 team, where the attendants can participate to a large variety of events, such as yoga, a water fight, tae-bo and book exchanges. The highlight of this day will be the concert sustained by our guests: Elena Mîndru with her newest project - Elena Mîndru Finnection, Rev, Le Minion and Szép András Trio. The sound will be energizing and, now and then, romanian traditional music will be intertwined with rhythms of jazz. ...