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Add project to Cluj-Napoca 2015 Calendar!Add your project to the Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 Calendar!

We invite all the organizations, institutions, companies or initiative groups to include the activities they plan for 2015 in a common calendar that will serve as a platform to promote all that will take place in Cluj-Napoca during the year 2015 as European Youth Capital.

In order to include a project (conference, seminar, event, concert, etc.) in the calendar, each organization will have to register on the platform as a user and agree with the terms and conditions of the Youth@Cluj-Napoca2015 program. Each user can add their own projects and include them in the calendar, edit and update them and use the platform as an instrument in promoting their activities.

The project should reflect at least one of the priorities of the program (SHARE Culture, SHARE Joy, SHARE Power, SHARE Space, SHARE Vision, SHARE Work) and be implemented around the concept of SHARE European and Responsibly.
Learn2Lead Conference - about leadership with 250 students
Learn2Lead Conference

Entrepreneurship and leadership for 250 pupils from Cluj

On Wednesday, 25th of February, from 14:30, the ”Learn2Lead” conference took place at Mărăști Cinema. At this event were present about 250 pupils from Cluj, who had the opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship and leadership.

Entrepreneurs and business men shared from their professional and personal experience to the pupils. The event, which was initiated by ”Ana Aslan” Technical College, is organized this year in partnership with the SHARE Cluj-Napoca Federation. It is intended to be a new step in the collaboration between the schools from Cluj (more than 20 schools will be represented), but more importantly, a motivational impulse for those young people, who wish to invest in their future, while still in school.

Those who will give a speech, come from different professional areas, so that they can cover a large range of the youth’s interests. ...
Budapest Center of Cluj 2015 Budapest Center of Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital 2015 is now open

Every Hungarian is from Cluj-Napoca in a way. Cluj is a city of intellectual values in the first place and the preservation and transmission of these is a common responsibility – this was one of the issues discussed during the roundtable following the inaugural of Budapest Center of Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital 2015, which took place on 19 February, at Mathias Corvinus Collegium.

More than a hundred invited guests and other interested participants were present at the presentation of Mathias Corvinus Collegium, Cluj-Napoca 2015 and Igen, tessék! (Yes, please!) movement, the organizers of Budapest Center of Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital 2015. The Hungarian-Romanian bilingual volume entitled Bánffy Miklós művészi pályaképe (The artistic career of Miklós Bánffy ) was also presented at the event.

The Center’s aim is to facilitate the recognition of Cluj-Napoca’s and Transylvania’s modern, European character and to deepen the relationship between Budapest and Cluj-Napoca. The Center plans to achieve this by making several cultural and scientific events of the European Youth Capital available to the public from Budapest. ...
There will be a “Cluj 2015”section on Cluj City App

Cluj 2015 section on Cluj City App

Cluj City App is the guide of Cluj-Napoca, which will bring you all the interesting events and locations in Cluj, in a modern, concise and handy format. This app serves the metropolitan area of Cluj-Napoca, helping locals, tourists and those who are in business trips, to plan their free time, guide and to learn more about the current events and offers. The app also provides the possibility to find relevant information regarding accommodation, events, restaurants, bars, gyms and other attractive offers of the local businesses.
The partnership’s goal is to promote the Cluj-Napoca 2015 European Youth Capital, by creating a new section dedicated to this project within this app.

The App can be downloaded from the following links: iOS and Android. ...
February 16-22: events of the week
February 16-22: events of the week

A good week begins with a good dose of energy and a large amount of optimism. However, having everything all planned can make it look less exciting. Participating in events can add color to your weekly schedule, as they put you in new situations. Events present you different pieces of information, open new perspectives and opportunities that you might not have considered.

We are delighted to provide you details about our events from this week in order to transform your normal week into a more energetic and interactive one. At the beginning of our calendar, we have Ready4Career workshops which take place every day of the week. They are organized by Raluca-Andreea Cuda, trainer&career coach. The event is at its first edition and it aims to help students from Cluj-Napoca prepare for their future careers by providing them the necessary information and tools. A workshop is designed for two days and it consists of five-hour activities in which the young adults find out important details about the labor market, ...