Consortiul Studentilor din RomaniaConsorțiul Studenților din România

The main purpose of the StudCard project, is to offer young people a varied range of benefits and cost free opportunities, at the economic agents of the centers they activate in. The main discount we offer is the one in public transportation followed by some other over 500 discounts. In parallel, we develop projects and evens at a local and a national level of which an impressive number of participants benefit from. We are not elitists and we do not discriminate, so:
• If you like to learn we have the best TRAININGS for you!
• If you are the “party animal” type: the greatest parties, we organize them!
• You like team-work? We also organize team-buildings!
• Theatre plays, and concerts? We give them to you!
Transylvania Youth CultureAsociația Transylvania Youth Culture

TYC is a association established and conducted by young people who believe they can make a difference. As the name suggests, the key terms that define the NGO are: culture, youth, Transylvania but also other terms like participative democracy, active citizenship, history, tradition, urban culture etc.

The association’s projects centered closely on the values that it wishes to protect.
1. In the summer of 2014 a new concept was brought to the green heart of Cluj, the “CooltUrban Festival”. It’s purpose was to animate the Casino and the Central Park “Simion Bărnuțiu” during the month of August. Live music, graffiti artists, parkour amateurs with their street art representations, bu also unconventional theatre or magic moments happened during the 3 days festival.
Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj-NapocaCentrul de Voluntariat Cluj-Napoca

• Celebration of 10 years of existence in November 2014 ;
• Experience in training volunteer coordinators (training and consultancy);
• Experience in offering consultancy to other organizations/ institutions in developing volunteering programs;
• 13 editions of “The National Week of Volunteering” held in Cluj-Napoca;
• 8 editions of “Community Involvement Prize Awarding Gala” held in Cluj-Napoca;
• 82 young people sent to volunteering stages in other countries in Europe and 60 foreign volunteers hosted in volunteering stages in Cluj-Napoca, since 2010 (through European Voluntary Service);
• Over 30 volunteering implemented projects since the organization’s establishment;
• Over 350 volunteers recommended each year to organizations and institutions in Cluj-Napoca;
• Excellence award in the “European Voluntary Service” category presented by the “Community Programs for Education and Professional Development Agency ” (march 2014);
• Award in “Volunteering Centre of the year” category in the first 3 editions (2011, 2012, 2013) of the “National Gala of Volunteers”, organize by the Volum Federation.