Cluj - The New “Hub” of Non-Formal EducationCluj - The New “Hub” of Non-Formal Education

Even though most of us have been used to studying while trembling with fear in our school seats when the teacher opened the register book, the present generation longs for more and more information. Of course, the internet is now a source that can satisfy any informational need we may have, there is still a need for something else. Maybe this “something else” is the need to learn new things in a different environment than the traditional school and online surfing. And maybe, this “something else” is called CONNECTOR.

The event will take place between the 19th and the 24th of November, at the Polyvalent Hall, with the help of Erasmus+ and the National Agency for Community Programs in the Domain of Educational and Professional Development in collaboration with the Share Federation and the town hall of Cluj-Napoca. The name “Connector” is related to the city Cluj-Napoca because the latter is to be the European youth Capital in 2015.

It is an opportunity for students that one cannot meet every day and for the newly graduates to learn new things that they have never heard of and to share their knowledge with others. Being base on 3 groups of activities, „Laboratory+”, „Incubator+” și „Connector+”, the event has as a main objective the formation of an interactive framework for sharing learning techniques. „Connector” seems to understand that the youth need to „share” the things they know so that interesting exchanges occur among between them.
The Youth that “hunted” Cluj-NapocaThe Youth that “hunted” Cluj-Napoca

Eighty young people from different areas of the globe have participated in the activity that combined the thrill caused by a traditional Treasure hunt with the delight of discovering by detail a city that they do not know. The event took place within the “Tool Fair XI”, the international fair of instruments and methods, organized with the purpose of offering the possibility for those who activate in the education domain to share innovative instruments that can be used in the teaching process.

The idea of the 2 hour event was that the youth from France, Germany, Turkey, Pakistan and others to not run on a timetable in their attempt to reach the checkpoints, but to do an unexpected tour of the city. Set in groups of 14 persons they went through a thematic track on the directions of the European Youth Capital: joy, vision, culture, space, work and power. Gabriel Uifălean, organiser and participant, went together with other young people the track dedicated to culture. They went by the Cathedral of Martyrs and Confessors built in the 20th century (photo) and through the Museum Square, where a message written on a wall caught their attention. „They were asking <<Are you living your dream?>>And then they wanted to take pictures with the wall. They said <<We need to take a picture because we’re living our dream!>>” said Gabriel. Also, he is the one that mentioned that the participants were excited about the city and the activities they did and that they were curious regarding the events that will occur next year, hen Cluj-Napoca will be the European Youth Capital.
Let's SHARE Cluj!The aim of the “Let’s SHARE Cluj” project is to train the local community into promoting our city, abroad and in the country, as well as the title of European Youth Capital which the municipality of Cluj-Napoca won for 2015. Also, our goal is to stir up the interest of the global community for Cluj and the “Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015” project.

How do we “SHARE Cluj”? We encourage every person which lives in or loves Cluj-Napoca to share their pleasant experiences about this city, during their trips abroad or through Romania, and to mark this moment through a photo with the #sharecluj hashtag. Whether we’re on a vacation or a business trip, talking with a friend or meeting a new one, we can take Cluj with us wherever we go.

The “Let’s SHARE Cluj” campaign has at its central point a contest with substantial prizes and it will take place during a longer period of time, preceding the year in which Cluj-Napoca will be the European Youth Capital. The contest starts on August 1st 2014 and will end on the 31st of October 2015.