COS ClujConsorțiul Organizațiilor Studențești din Cluj

Students’ Organizations Consortium Cluj was established in 2003 at the initiative of young leaders supported by student NGOs they were representing.

Not having much experience in the matter of student NGOs, it answered the need for organization and development at regional level, thus stepping from faculties and universities towards a local level organization to support the movement for the benefit of all the students in Cluj.
This is how the first mega-project was born – The Cluj Student’s Month – where NGO activities are open for all the students, showing their rich offer in activities.

SOC acts like a hub where young people develop educational, professional, and cultural, sport related, health, and entertainment expertise. They also develop projects and solutions for the changing need of student communities.
Asociația KiforAsociația Kifor

Things we take great pride in:
• we support political themes;
• we support all hungarians in Cluj county;
• we are formed of 17 member organisation from the county;
• we annually organise two event that attract over two thousand participants.
Asociația OSF Cluj-NapocaAsociația Organizația Studenților Farmaciști Cluj-Napoca

The best student organisation with a pharmacy based profile, in the country!

1.The largest pharmacy students in the country;
2. The best summer university, with a medical profile, for high school students;
3.The most successful, health related, campaigns:
a)AntiSIDA – that was awarded the prize for the best health campaign during the Pharmacy Gala;
b)AntiCancer – a campaign recognised by the World Cancer Day;
c) InfoDiabet – campaign that was awarded " The Prize for supporting the discovery and screening of diabetes" during the excellency Gala "Education and Prevention of Diabetes".