OSE ClujOrganizația Studenților Economiști

1. The organization firstly taking pride in the best fundraising team: over 20 closed long term partnerships.
2.We are visible in all the university centers through Romania, fact proven by the number of participants to the “Business Smart School” summer-school, gathered from 17 different counties.
3. We are among the few representing organizations recognized at faculty level and having a close relation with the deanship.
JCI ClujAsociația JCI Active Citizens Cluj

11 projects that have either been already implement or are, simply, work in progress (2014/2015):
• SALT – supporting young entrepreneurs and leaders;
• JCI evenings;
• Innovate networking;
• ACT – Active Citizenship Training;
• Share Cluj;
• Food waste combat;
• Debate club;
• Bike2work;
• EuPA - European projects academy;
• JCI book club;
• real equality, not just conceptual.
KMDSZUniunea Studenţească Maghiară din Cluj

The Hungarian Student Union of Cluj Is a cultural organization, the voice of Hungarian students, for higher education institutions, interests and values. The fundamental purposes of our organization are the representation and defending of student interests from higher educational institutions in Cluj, supporting the professional perspectives of students, protecting and developing cultural values, developing relationships with student and youth organizations from Romania and abroad. We have a vast experience in organising annual, some of which have already become a tradition in Cluj's student life.