OSS ClujAsociația Organizația Studenților Stomatologi din Cadrul Univ. de Medicină și Farmacie Iuliu Hațieganu Cluj-Napoca

1. The International Dental Medicine Congress for Students "DENTis" : Celebrating in 2014 its 15th edition and serving the purpose of helping students to prepare for their future, through conferences and workshops by using the expertise of local and foreign medics;
2. “Dăruiește Zâmbind” (Give away, smiling): Has the purpose, since 2010, of bringing happiness to those, that perhaps, have forgotten what that feels like. Thus, We intend to organise two events every year, which will take place right before the winter and easter holidays. The ones who will benefit from this will be the children whose families might not be able to provide for them.
BEST ClujAsociația Grupul Local Best

BEST promotes “Empowered diversity” and helps European technical profile students to gain a more international mindset, through a better understanding of European cultures and by developing work abilities and volunteering in a global environment. Students are offered the opportunity to enlarge their knowledge in some complementary areas to the engineering education through courses and engineering competitions. They also create the environment in which organization members can exchange knowledge and gain expertise by organizing these events.
On the other hand, Best aims to enlarge the work-market’s horizonts by offering opportunities through career related events (job fairs, company days, workshops) and through an international career centre. Finally, BEST developed its own system of internal training, for a better support of the organization; thus its members have the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge also by participating to training events.
GutenbergGutenberg – Organizația Studenților Vorbitori de Limba Germană

Gutenberg aims to support and develop german language especially among young people. Our organization desires to transmit german tradition and culture in an interactive and interesting way. Gutenberg offers german speaking students the possibility to develop their knowledge, but also to accumulate new ones by participating to different cultural, educational and entertaining activities. It is the only organization for German speakers in Romania.