OSM ClujMedical Student Organization - Clujj

OSM Highlights:
Medicalis - the largest international congress for students and young medics from South-Eastern Europe;
Donate blood! Be a hero! has set the new national record of blood donors, in the 2011 campaigns;
The Heart Conference, is a project that we've started to work on, this year, which has been recognised the the GA from May 2014 from Samsun-Turkey.
OSUBBThe Students' Organization of Babeș-Bolyai University

Our largest project is Junior Summer University, the founding concept for the national project, "The Summer University for Highschool Students (ANOSR).

Other OSUBB projects:
• The UBB Festival ( UBBCultural and UBBSport);
• The UBB Caravan;
• The campaign meant to inform freshmen students;
ASTRU ClujAsociaţia Tineretului Român Unit – ASTRU Cluj

ASTRU Cluj wishes to offer each person, which participates to the life of the association, a way of development in order to contribute to human and spiritual growth, with a special emphasis for the different age periods, both as at personal level as well as part of a group. Practically, within the 14 parochial groups of young people and children and within the 3 specialized groups, the association’s members experiment their belonging to the Catholic Action, relate with the others and are encouraged to live their life authentically through faith and deeds.