ASPRAsociația Studenților Psihologi din România

ASPR takes pride in:
• being one of the oldest student associations in Cluj;
• organising the International Psychology Students Conference;
• its famous team-buildings;
• being a founding member of Cognosis;
• having and maintaining a specific topic for every edition of its projects;
• representing the rights and obligations of the FPSE students;
• its ability to professionally guide FPSE students;
• having 3 different recruitment filters, so that our members receive full right right from the start;
• the ASPR headquarters, which resembles the image of its members;
• the involvement of ASPR members, not only in its projects, but also in those of the larger community.
Asociația OSUT Cluj-NapocaAsociația Organizația Studenților din Universitatea Tehnică Cluj-Napoca

Projects OSUT takes pride in:
• The Technical Universty's Days;
• Infotech;
• The Technical Universty's Festival;
• Polisport;
• The UTC-N Freshman Prom;
• Engineering Summer University.
We are proud of our capacity to attract new members, which we guide as they evolve and become responsible representatives of our university's students, fighting for their rights.
Cluj Community FoundationCluj Community Foundation

The mission of FCC is to improve the quality of life in the area of Cluj, by mobilizing and distributing resources for local development initiatives.

Our programmes support civic involvement, youth and child education, culture, integration in the life of the community, volunteering, partnerships and community development.