First major event for Cluj-Napoca 2015This year in Cluj-Napoca, the New Year`s Eve is going to have the youngest spirit ever, no matter the age. An intergalactic adventure is prepared for you!
SOLD-OUT before any artist was presented SOLD-OUT at the biggest event of Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital 2015!

First 1000 tickets were sold-out in the first 5 days even though no headliner was annnounced yet!

The novelity of this festival is the simple fact that no details were presented before selling tickets. Romania has the first festival that ever does this! The press speculated a few names and people responded well. All we can say is that everyone will be pleased when the big names will be revealed.

New Year` Eve will be the night when you will find out who and what. Who will visit Cluj-Napoca in 2015 and what the festival is called. A story can now begin.

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Volunteer CampThis camp is meant to prepare the volunteer coordinators for the volunteer teams for the Youth Capital 2015.
Theme: Leadership, Team management, Motivation, Team vision and values.

Aceasta tabara pregateste coordonatorii de voluntari pentru echipele de voluntari din cadrul Capitalei de Tineret 2015.
Tematici: Leadership, managementul echipei, motivarea echipei, viziunea si valorile echipei.