Roger Vitrac:  Victor, or Power to the ChildrenRoger Vitrac:  Victor, or Power to the Children

Avantgard trends and surrealism firmly reject traditional genres. In principle, they reject theatre as well, because for them it means nothing other than a commercial enterprise that serves the needs of civil society. However, they do not refrain from using the means of theatrical expression occaisonally. At the same time, they consider it unacceptable if someone is interested in theatre more seriously and for an extended period of time.
So, Monsieur Roger Vitrac had been an outstanding member of the surrealists until he started writing plays. He even founded a theatre, together with Antonin Artaud and Robert Aron. They established Théâtre Alfred Jarry which functioned from 1926 to 1930 and which was the most revolutionary theatre of the first half of the twentieth century. As a consequence, the surrealists excluded Vitrac from their group.
Lawyers at WorkDuring this event, a lawyer is invited to speak in front of a public which is formed by students. He/she discusses his/her personal experience, including information about specific cases (which were either outstanding or humdrum or extremely difficult). In this way, students are given the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the workings in the respective field and see if it matches their interests or not.