KMDSZ Mentor progameMentor program for the first year students.
French is the first official EYC 2015 language Today Share Cluj-Napoca Federation signed the protocol designated to declare French language one of the official languages for Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital 2015. This document was signed on December 17th 2014 between Emil Boc, the Mayor of Cluj-Napoca Municipality and H.E. François Saint-Paul, the Ambassador of French Republic in Romania.

H.E. François Saint-Paul presented the program EYC 2015 in Paris and it was declared a priority. The Ambassador said about Cluj-Napoca that is now a step forward on cultural and economic levels. He also stated that if the city wants to extend its awareness, has to believe in multilingualism more and more from now on. He believes that Cluj-Napoca can be considered an example when it comes to the civil society. At the end, the Mayor wanted to mention that the Ambassador learned Romanian at a very good level in a short period of time. This proves respect from the French community.

The next document signed today was a framework convention between Share Cluj-Napoca Federation and French Institute from Romania. This document was signed by Vlad Pop, President of Share Federation and mister Christophe Gigaudaut, both Cooperation and Cultural Action Counselor of French Embassy and Director of French Institute in Romania.

We consider our partnership with the French Institute a model to be followed from now on with other future collaborations.
Moot Court Competition in various areas of law. A panel of experts in the field listen to the pleadings prepared by students on a case proposed by the Professors. This event plays a great role in enabling students to gain experience in the field that they are studying and in preparing them for their future careers.
This raises the level of the competition and triggers the participants to live up to this new challenge and prepare themselves accordingly.