O.S.C Training ProgramThe main purpose of this project is to help students with their personal development. Taking into account this purpose, throughout the entire academic year we will organise, for our volunteers, trainings on different subjects (time management, leadership,public speaking, organisational culture etc.). This project will have two types of activities: the trainings for volunteers who already passed this program and who would like to learn how to hold a training by themselves and the trainings for younger volunteers who would like to learn things only for their personal development.The trainings will be held by older volunteers who already obtained a certificate or who participated in many trainings and they are capable to share the information with others.
Social capital development as a tool of youth civic participation in eastern Europe countriesWords “activism” and “engagement” can be heard quite often and become widespread in last decade. Disposition to create, maintain and develop networks is understood as “social capital”. In other words it can be also described as community coming together to be a collective source of change. The activity, membership and volunteering in civil society organizations is called “civic engagement” or “civic participation”. International Civic and Citizenship Study (2009) states that between Western and Eastern Europe countries differences exist in civic engagement and participation.
The project “Social capital development as a tool of youth civic participation in eastern Europe countries” (SOCAP) aims to involve youth and youth workers into discussion having main topics: youth organisations, youth activities, youth engagement, volunteering, change-makers, community, European citizenship, programme Europe for citizens.
Discussion will be held on different events:
- conferences (March 2015 in Latvia, October 2015 in Poland, March 2016 in Lithuania),
- round table discussions (March 2015 in Latvia, May 2015 in Romania, May 2016 in Estonia),
- workshop (June 2015 in Latvia),
- training (January 2016 in Latvia).
Dental prophylaxisA project based on modern conceptions in dentistry, the volunteers of this project make their mission promoting the importance of preventing dental conditions, rather than treating a more complicated affection. Thus, the goal of this project is informing children, teenagers and young adults about the importance of a proper dental hygiene.