BCR is the Official Bank of Cluj 2015! Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR ) is the Official Bank of the European Youth Capital, Cluj-Napoca in 2015, after the conclusion of SHARE Federation Cluj-Napoca, the NGO responsible for coordinating the project with the support of the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca.

"I welcome the presence of the largest commercial banks in Romania in a project dedicated to youngsters, the category that has the greatest need of support. I am convinced that through their performance, through media opportunities and projects that will develop alongside the European Youth Capital team, this partnership will contribute significantly into raising the profile of Cluj-Napoca, of Romania and the development of youth . "said Mayor Cluj-Napoca, Emil Boc.

"I am very pleased to see that for a transnational economic partner, the multiculturalism and multilingualism are not only natural approaches , but also resources , what I also want in Cluj-Napoca. In addition to the financial support we have received extraordinary support creative and innovative project ideas, "said Mrs. Vice Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Anna Horvath.

BCR’s contribution in this project will consist of financial support to projects developed by the initiators of the project, national and international promotion of the project Cluj-Napoca 2015 European Youth Capital, as well as developing its own projects.
Literature lives in Cluj-Napoca Day 15 project was announced today by a press conference . At the conference spoke :

Mayor of Cluj-Napoca Emil Boc
Razvan Luca - the developer and coordinator of #ShareSpace direction
Diana Apan - Cluj-Napoca spokesman for the European Youth Capital 2015

In a few words this project means:

12 days in the 12th months of the year
12 messages sent through simple actions
12 reasons for community involvement

All actions will be thematic and the theme will be chosen each month according to major events throughout the year. Thus, on the 15th of January is dedicated to literature.The reasons are quite simple. January 15 is National Culture Day and date of birth of the poet Mihai Eminescu .

All these actions will take place in public places and they are addressed to anyone. In other words there are 12 days during which this Cluj-Napoca’s community will live in tandem.

In January will be displayed in 50 buses, excerpts from texts of contemporary authors . The action takes place in the interior of the buses we use so often and in the same time to create something new cultural and creative. Selected quotations will be presented in the 5 languages of the program Cluj 2015: English , Romanian , Hungarian, French and German.

At the moment we do not want to tell you more , because the project loses its charm . We urge you to use many means of transport, to discover quotations and share them . Look for the pieces of work and read them.

The fragments were chosen by German Cultural Center Cluj- Napoca, Cluj- Napoca British Council and the Writers Union of Romania - Cluj branch and translated by the French Institute Cluj and Hungarian community for whom we are gratefull.
IOM - ACCESS Project - National MeetingThe ACCESS project aims to empower migrant youth to become politically active citizens on a local, national and EU-wide level and to be able to better contribute to the formulation of policies. At the national level, youth with migrant background will meet and discuss about the inclusion of migrants in the society and their political rights.