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The Lovers of Loches

Georges Feydeau – M. Desvallières: The Lovers of Loches
The main characters of Feydeau’s farce are the Gévaudan siblings from the village of Loches who arrive in Paris with ambitious marriage plans. Not knowing the customs and circumstances of the capital, it almost becomes the rule that they get into more and more embarrassing situations. Misunderstandings caused by mistaking the employment office for a matrimonial agency and differences such as capital vs. countryside, lord vs. servant, etc., cause seemingly inextricable conflicts. Saint-Galmier, the woman-chasing and fortune-hunting doctor, prescribes forced hydrotherapy for the unfortunate brothers, so that they take their leave of the capital with outright indignation.

The story, constructed on the farcical situations required by its genre, promises serious amusement until every mix-up is sorted out.