"Maitreyi Devi and Mircea Eliade. The Journey of a Love Story from Orient to Occident" is an event that will take place at Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca. The invited speakers are Mihaela Ursa, Traian Penciuc and Mihaela Gligor.
Maitreyi Devi's personality will come in front of the public. She was Eliade's muse for the famous novel "Bengali Nights". But she was more than a character. She was a writer and an activist for children's rights.
The event will also take the public into the magnificent world of Maharaja's. We'll go to the court of Maharaja of Kassimbasar, and we'll learn more about the one that gave Mircea Eliade the scholarship to Calcutta.
We'll learn details about the correspondence between Maitreyi Devi and Mac Linscott Ricketts, about Mircea Eliade; and we'll listen some great tunes and will see some great images of Incredible India.