FilmSense Teen CampFilmSense Teen Camp is an 8-week educational project oriented towards high-school students in Cluj-Napoca, whereby a team of students with interest and talent in film and media, mentored by professionals in the industry, would develop their critical thinking, creativity and knowledge of film as art and industry, to finally produce their own short film project, which will be screened in Cluj-Napoca and will represent their school in film festivals and competitions, at national and international level. In this endeavor, Transylvania College will collaborate with FilmSense in 2015, as the representative of Cluj-Napoca and the first school in Romania participating in this innovative educational project.

FilmSense started out its activity in 2013 and is an independent initiative, constituted as an online media platform dedicated to worldwide film performance (film festival journal, film reviews and film criticism, interviews and news articles, photo galleries etc.). This initiative further developed into an NGO with the purpose of encouraging young filmmakers and independent film projects, as well as offering the young generation, film enthusiasts and culture seekers, the opportunity to explore and self-explore through film related educational projects and social events.
Cultural BusKeep calm and use public transport in Cluj-Napoca.
Turn a simple trip in a journey sharing knowledge and a good mood with Cultural Bus. From 1st February 2015 you will find new interesting informations everyday and resources for a good day on the public transport.
Be inspired by motivational quotes, get in, take questions and find the correct answers.