ATB - Birthday surprise from the Untold Festival

ATB, his real name being André Tanneberger, is one of the most known artists from trance music and he started his career in 1993, along with the Sequentian One band. In 1998, he makes his first step in his solo career, with the 9m (Till I come) play, which is included in his first album, ‘Movin’ Melodies’, which was ranked on the first position on Great Britain’s top music.

Until now, the artist prides itself with a number of ten albums, through which we can find: Dedicated, with the ‘Hold You’ and ‘You are not Alone’ hits and Distant Heart, launched in 2011. After a two years break, ATB comes back, at the beginning of 2014, with a new album, ‘Contact’ in which there can be found collaborations with Sean Ryan, York or Boss and Swan.