Days of "Gheorghe Dima" Music AcademyThe project " Days of Gheorghe Dima Music Academy" is an ambitious project which wants to reunite three of the most important elements from the life of one student. The first one is about promoting the image of the university. In this field the students who are at their final courses of the highschool, will have the opportunity to come and to be a participant at the courses which are held at the Academy. Through these courses they will find the most important things that cand make their student life more interesting, if they will come at our university. The second one is about the cultural life of the institution. In this case the people will have the opportunity to come at different types of concerts which would be. The last element that the project wants to promote is the volunteering. In an institution like ours students aren't very interested in the volunteering activities. During two days we want they to know all the opportunities which they will have if the participate in these activities. Also we will have a reunion of the students representatives in which we will debate the strongest needs.