Cluj for YouthCluj for Youth is a Structured Dialogue project which involves three consultation meetings with groups of young people living in Cluj and representatives of local authorities responsible for developing and implementing public policies. The project aims to identify recommendations of young people and youth organisations from Cluj-Napoca concerning youth's active participation in decision making processes. The youth empowerment theme will be discussed and it will address access to rights and the importance of political participation by young people.

Structured Dialogue with young people serves as a forum for continuous joint reflection on the priorities, implementation, and follow-up of European cooperation in the youth field. It involves regular consultations of young people and youth organisations at all levels in EU countries, as well as dialogue between youth representatives and policy makers at EU Youth Conferences organised by the Member States holding the EU presidency.
Temporary exhibition presenting Christian Wermuth's famous "imperial series" of medals - 216 items depicting emperors, created in the beginning of the eighteenth century.