,, Donăm împreună, UBB dă startul!"

,, Donăm împreună, UBB dă startul!" is a blood donation campaign which is organizated by Babeş-Bolyai University, React Association and Vodafone Foundation in partnership with EBS Romania. The campaign will take place between March 31 to April 2 2015 in a special bus (mobile unit) divided in 3 parts with a waiting room, consultation room with a mini laboratory, a room with two items for donation and a room where those who have donated can get a tea or a drink before living the bus.
The mobile unit will be between 8.00-16.00 am , at the following locations :
• Campus Haşdeu (near Cantina Haşdeu , Str.BPHaşdeu No. 45 ) - Tuesday, March 31
• Campus FSEGA ( Teodor Mihali Street 58-60 ) - Wednesday, 1 April
• Polyvalent Hall ( Alley Stadium ) - Thursday, April 2