E timpul să vorbim.
Cine? Noi, cu toții.
De ce? Deoarece sănătatea mintală este acea stare de bine spre care tindem. Este armura cu ajutorul căreia facem față dificultăților și provocărilor. Vorbind despre sănătatea mintală, suntem zi de zi mai aproape de a ne cunoaște, a ne înțelege și a găsi echilibrul pe care îl căutăm.
Cum? Prin cele trei moduri de a explora teme care țin de sănătatea mintală pe care vi le propunem în acest an: Prezentări interactive, Ateliere de dezvoltare personală și Evenimente non-formale.
Unde? La ediția a șasea a Săptămânii Sănătății Mintale (#SSM6), un proiect derulat anual de Asociația Minte Forte în Cluj-Napoca, pentru fiecare dintre noi.
Când? În perioada 30 Martie – 5 Aprilie, vă invităm să luați parte la o serie de evenimente pe teme privind ănătatea mintală. Calendarul complet al evenimentelor poate fi gasit la acest link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1550092335255238/
Short English version:
The Mental Health Week is an annual event since 2010 meant to raise awareness on mental health issues. It is organized by Minte Forte, an NGO from Cluj-Napoca promoting mental health.
Under the slogan "It's time to talk", the Mental Health Week creates a bridge between local residents and specialists in psychology and psychiatry. The project includes interactive presentations, psychological development workshops, public debates, information stands, theatre plays, music performances, non-formal activities such as the Human Library, all focused on mental health themes.
Room Escape AREA 51 COMPETITION II EditionHave you ever asked yourself?

If the answer is YES, get ready for a Close Encounter of the Third Kind, at our room escape game in Cluj-Napoca AREA 51.
Participate in the only kind of entertainment where qualities as a keen sense of observation, intelligence, and creativity are what matter most…
We are organizing a weekly competition in which each TEAM that MANAGES TO ESCAPE IN TIME, 60 minutes, will win a prize (a personalized key holder) and at the end of the week the team whit the BEST TIME wins a weekly prize consisting of a personalized USB 2.0 8 GB STICK , a FREE PASS for the next theme and a FREE PASS for the current game for a group of friends.
We are a Real Room Escape Game in Cluj-Napoca. The purpose of the game is to manage to escape from a closed room in 60 minute together whit a group of friends.
The room you are locked in is a secret laboratory belonging to Area 51, a top secret military base used during the 1940’s. The time is set in 1947 when a strange crash was reported in the proximity of the base. There were reports of an unidentified flying object and some strange objects recovered from the crash site.
Your mission is to enter the laboratory investigate the scene, and manage to escape in time, solving a series of puzzles and games that will test your wits, your creativity and your team spirit to the limit. Be among the first to enter and among the few how manage to escape!
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