The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences' DaysThe Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences' Days is the event in which the gates of this institution are open for everyone, in order to take part in their celebration. Scientific and non-scientific events are held, such as lectures, movie nights, an amazing treasurehunt around psycho-places from Cluj-Napoca, workshops and, of course, parties.
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We are approaching the end of a beautiful spring month which has offered us plenty of reasons to get out of our homes. And this is just the beginning. April is preparing many surprises and we are more than excited to share some of them with you. These events are only a small part of the great picture of Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital.

So getting started, we notice that the first mark on our calendar is the Mental Health Week. The event will focus on topics such as couple compatibility or supporting people with chronic diseases. Discussions will be held the entire week in different indoor locations in the city.