Students on StageStudents on Stage is a three days conference that envisions a world in which exceptional young people inspire other young people to challenge their potential and become exceptional!

This project allows young students with exceptional achievements from different domains and backgrounds to speak up about their experiences and to inspire other students theough their stories. They get out of their comfort zones and inspire others to dream more, to think big and to achieve more. Through the actions of young people we can change the world. Therefore, Students on Stage aims to empower young people to make a difference.

Students on Stage
Workshop: Diplomacy and Soft SkillsPromoting democracy and democratic values world-wide and maintaining a “war-free
world” can only be achieved with the help of well-prepared individuals who possess strong
skills in debating and argumentation, lobbying, negotiations, protocol and etiquette. These
soft-skills would not be of any use, if these people would not have basic knowledge of
international politics or contemporary political international and domestic events.
The Workshop “Diplomacy and Soft Skills” is meant to provide students interested in
becoming future diplomats with a short introduction to diplomacy. Having invited experts to
give lectures on issues such as politics and international relations, debate and
argumentation, negotiations, lobby and etiquette, our workshop provides students with
introductory trainings on these issues. The focus of the workshop is twofold: to equip
participants with theoretical information required for a diplomatic career and what skills they
need for the job; at the same time, it aims to engage the participants in practical activities
where they can make use of the information provided in the theoretical lectures.
Târgul GAUDEAMUS Cluj-NapocaTârgul GAUDEAMUS Cluj-Napoca este un eveniment expoziţional dedicat pieţei de carte şi educaţie, ce face parte din Caravana GAUDEAMUS - o serie de târguri organizate în mari centre culturale şi universitare din România. Târgul este organizat de Societatea Română de Radiodifuziune - Centrul Cultural Media Radio România, prin echipa Gaudeamus în colaborare cu Radio România Cluj, cu sprijinul Primăriei Municipiului Cluj-Napoca.