Europeans in the European Youth Capital Cluj-Napoca 2015, RomaniaEuropeans in the European Youth Capital Cluj-Napoca 2015, Romania
Sixth Project Meeting
International Jazz Day
International Jazz Day is celebrated in Cluj-Napoca and around the world on April 30th with good music, masterclasses, jazz coffee sessions, jam sessions and a special Gala Concert.

The most complex jazz show of Romania will be hosted in Cluj-Napoca on april 30th. Artists from UK, USA, EST, DE and RO will have an all-star performance gala concert for the local audience, International Jazz Day and UNESCO.

One show, 11 jazz styles, ~ 40 artists on stage:

Smooth Jazz: Keisha White (UK) - HOSTING Jazz Day
Soul Jazz: Ola Onabule (UK)
Soul Jazz: Joe Stoddart (UK)
Soul Jazz: Guillermo Hill (UK)
Soul Jazz: Guido May (DE)
Soul Jazz: Nick Flade (DE)
Bebop Fusion: Jason Hunter (USA)
Gospel: Rychus Ryter (UK)
Classic Female Voice & Funk: Sofia Rubina (EST)
Swing & Funky Groove: Villu Veski (EST)
EtnoJazz & Blues: Corneliu Stroe & Balkanamera Quartet (RO)
Classic Orchestra: GAIO BIG BAND (RO)

We prepare for jazz day in advance with JAZZ EDUCATION, JAZZ CULTURE and JAZZ MUSIC. Calendar and more info on

This beautiful celebration takes place all over the world at the same time, thanks to UNESCO, the founder and main organiser of #jazzday.

Cluj can Jazz! April 30th @ International Jazz Day

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