Față-n FațăLuni, 27 februarie, te așteptăm la o nouă ediție Față-n Față , o întâlnire cu trei oameni valoroși:

- Katie Rizvi, co-fondator Asociația "Little People" România

- Adina Cristea, coordonator regional YouthBank România

- Paul Pașcalău, fondator studio foto "Fplus"
April 27 – May 3: events of the week

It is almost the end of spring and we are starting to feel the waves of summer coming directly to us. As a new week begins, more and more events are approaching and tempting us to come out of our homes and go and see what is happening in the 2015 European Youth Capital.

The first thing on our list is the Last Dinosaurs from Transylvania Exhibition, which is held at the Foyer of the Academic House until September 30. People will have the chance to admire fossils of dinosaurs that lived in Transylvania tens of millions of years ago.