Temporary exhibition presenting Christian Wermuth's famous "imperial series" of medals - 216 items depicting emperors, created in the beginning of the eighteenth century.
Room Escape AREA 51We are a new Real Room Escape Game in Cluj-Napoca. The purpose of the game is to manage to escape from a closed room in 60 minute together whit a group of friends.
The room you are locked in is a secret laboratory belonging to Area 51, a top secret military base used during the 1940’s. The time is set in 1947 when a strange crash was reported in the proximity of the base. There were reports of an unidentified flying object and some strange objects recovered from the crash site.
Your mission is to enter the laboratory investigate the scene, and manage to escape in time, solving a series of puzzles and games that will test your wits, your creativity and your team spirit to the limit. Be among the first to enter and among the few how manage to escape!
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ACTitude-Improvisation SchoolACTitudine is a development program for youth between 18-35, using improvisational theater method.
ACTitudine is a complex program, lasting 3 months, including:
  • 12 weekly improvisation workshops
  • workshops with special guests from theater field
  • 1 teambuilding outdoor sessions
  • 1 final performance.
The aim of ACTitudine is to enhance the self-discovery, the self trust of youth and to develop their communication and team work competences.
ACTitudine is now at its third edition. The first two ones were a real success, as the former participants have required the continuation of the program.
Through improvisation the young man can:
  • overcome the fear of speaking in public;

  • develop skills: communication, problem solving, teamwork;

  • raise the level of courage and expand the comfort zone;

  • become more expressive and charismatic.

We are waiting for you for one unique experience!
Applications until: 13th of March!
The language of the workshops will be Romanian!
You can find more details and the application form:
W: www.educationstudio.ro
F: https://www.facebook.com/educationstudiocluj