Battle of the Books National Reading Contest / Concurs Naţional de Lectură Bătălia CărţilorThe Battle of the Books National Reading Contest was initiatied by „Octavian Goga” Cluj County Library and is taking place, from March to September 2015, in many county libraries in Romania, under the guidance of the National Association of Public Libraries and Librarians in Romania.
The goal of this contest is to promote the reading among teenagers (14 to 18 years old). For this purpose, the public librarians have drawn up reading lists consisting of ten titles of the most appreciated books in the offer of the publishing houses, on the teens’ blogs and forums.
The ArtforAll event propose a series of art exhibitions and open studios for the general public. The ArtforAll event focus on contemporary art scene and promoting young emerging artists. Therefore, the event presents a monthly different young artist, that will have the opportunity to exhibit his work in a non-conventional art space located at no 34, on Eroilor Street, called 4ArtSpace.
Among the artist, that will show off their works in this art space, we remember Claudiu Ghermanean, Anca Badea, Nutu Mihai, Laura Ogrutan-Prata, Anca Branzas, Corina Oprea, Cristina Coza-Damian.
During the summer period, in the same art space, there will be held open studios, and young artist will be invited to apply for art residency. We offer for the participants to the residence program a studio where they can develop their own projects, also the possibility to organize an exhibition at the end of the residence program.
Program of the event:
January - Solo show Anca Branzas
February - Solo show Nutu Mihai
March- Solo show Laura Ogrutan-Prata
April - Solo show Anca Badea
May- Solo show Claudiu Ghermanean
June- Solo show Corina Oprea
July - Open studio
August-Open studio
September- Open studio
October - Solo show Cristina Coza-Damian
November- Group exhibition