Training of YouthIt is said that we are all children a little bit inside, but in a world where only the best trained fully survive, we offer you the best ToY (Training of Yourself). Play with your skills and learn how to develop yourself, while taking part in the trainings of this special event. At the end, a mini-competition will decide how well has everyone developed their skills, and the best will be honoured.
Personal Branding­ JOBcamp
Personal Branding JOBcamp is a 6 days training course, addressed to NEETs young people (nor in education, training or job) and have a disadvantaged or vulnerable situation, from Cluj-Napoca.
The objective of the project it's to prepare young people to get a job. The entire project duration is 4 months, including the period of preparation, implementation and evaluation. The activities will take place from 4 to 10 May 2015 in the city of Cluj-Napoca, in the mark of the European Youth Capital 2015.
The program focus on developing a specific set of skills in order to facilitate the integration of young people on the job market. Priority will have youth who didn't got employed in one year after graduation. The activities are based on non formal education and suppose workshops, coaching, team building, knowledge sharing. The central activity will be the training on self-knowledge, self-presentation and self-promotion for a building a personal brand, creating a CV, a motivation letter and getting prepared for interview.