Already reaching its fourth edition, the „La Stravaganza” Baroque Music Festival aims to promote authentic interpretation of baroque music, based on the study of ancient treatises and period instruments. The preceding editions (2009, 2011, 2013) were highly successful, reaching a wide audience with its concerts and master classes. Also the level of the baroque chamber music competition, which is unique in Eastern Europe, has constantly increased. This encourages us to continue organizing the festival every two years.
The program of the festival addresses a broad audience, though, in 2015, when Cluj becomes European Youth Capital, we would like to point out some actions which mainly involve young people, or are especially dedicated to them:
- The International „La Stravaganza” Baroque Chamber Music Competition, addressed to students and young graduates, which takes places under the patronage of the „Gh. Dima” Music Academy. Like the previous editions, international participation is expected.
- The Baroque Lyrical Workshop, a brief stage performance in the outstanding ambiance of the Tailor´s Bastion, realized with students and young graduates of the „Gh. Dima” Music Academy
- Master classes for baroque violin and harpsichord for pupils, students and graduates of music schools, conservatories, etc.
- Lecture concerts with explanations meant to attract towards baroque music new public, but also keeping and cultivating the familiar audience.
Local early music research was always an important topic for the „La Stravaganza” Baroque Music Festival and some of its newest results will be presented to the public. In the festival´s programs, local culture finds its place in the larger context of European music culture. Eminent local specialists in baroque music will be heard in the festival as well as distinguished musicians from Austria, Germany, Belgium, Hungary and Switzerland.
Organizat în colaborare cu Organizația Studenților din Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai (OSUBB), acest proiect are ca obiectiv dezvoltarea studenților prin practicarea sportului favorit, în care aceștia își pot pune în valoare calitățile și aptitudinile din acest proces competitiv.
With OSUBB (The Students' Organisation in Babeș-Bolyai University) as main parteners, the purpose of this project is the growth of students through their favourite sport, offering them the change to highlight their qualities and skills in this competition.

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Prin acest proiect vom informa și încuraja studenții să doneze, vom organiza o campanie de informare și vom merge în grupuri organizate la Centru.
Scopul acestui proiect este de a conștientiza studenții de rolul pe care îl, ca pot salva vieți prin acest gest.
Besides informing and encouraging the students to donate themselves, we, the volunteers, will also donate blood.
The purpose of this project is to make the students aware of what they can do to save lives.

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