Anul acesta Cluj-Napoca va avea parte de cea mai colorată primăvară!

În perioada 1 mai - 30 iunie, Performed Events vă invită la Polus Center, în incinta florăriei Flower Time, pentru a lua parte la cea mai mare expoziție de fluturi tropicali din România.
Free Guided TourCluj Guided Tours is an invitation to discover the Treasure City Cluj-Napoca. Travel in time with us, to the past, recreating the medieval atmosphere of the city with its stories and legends and then back to the present, getting an inside view of the European Youth Capital 2015 and experiencing the vibrant life of the city that never sleeps.
Our tours are available in english. You must know that our guided tours are free of charge, but donations are deeply appreciated.
For organized groups or tours in other language (romanian, french, german, spanish, hungarian) or from a different time that the one mentioned, please contact us for a Custom Tour.
For the extra season, reservation needed.
Transylvania Quest GamesThe urban discovery games are a series of treasure hunts played with the help of a Smartphone via the website Transylvania Quest Games

It consists of designated games to specific areas of the city. we have prepared 3 games at the moment, one for the train station, one for the central park and a general one for the city center which are all FREE.
Get to know the city while discovering it's hidden treasure together with friends.

  • Go To
  • Choose your the game you want to play
  • Create an account or simply use the Facebook authentification
  • Start the tour with the start code provided in the description of the tour

Our tips for a better experience:
Gather your friends and organize a competition. It's a lot more fun if you play in 2 teams of one to three members. At the end each device used for the gameplay will receive the total playing time and points earned. This way you can easily establish the winner of your competition.
Create your own game - If you have an idea of a game, let us know and we can help you put together your own game for you and your friend, or for the entire community to enjoy.