InternshipDrive tests are designed to make sure that is the car certain person wants , mock exams are held so everybody knows how the real exam is expected to be, but how to test your ideas about a future psychological career?! Internship is the answer and the homonymous project is aimed at bringing together employers/companies from the field and students who wish to see the psycho-career they want from the inside. A Psychology Internship fair, workshops, lectures, professionalism, commitment and far more are waiting on the non-theoretical side of things: INTERNSHIP.
Days of TourismOST - Student Organization for Romanian tourism is an NGO and non-profit that was founded in early 2007 by ambition and desire of students. The desire of these students is that through this organization, the power and the willingness of its members to create an environment where their common passion, tourism, to be implemented by creating a true team.
"Days of Tourism" is an annual festival program type. The idea of "Day of Tourism" was born 7 years ago (2007) as a response to the need of a major tourism event that is addressed to students, youth and the general public.
"Days of Tourism" is held annually in May, under the OST, in Cluj-Napoca, or in places in wich tourists are interested. The target audience of the event are particularly students and young people in general. However beneficiaries of activities can be all citizens of Cluj Napoca.
The purpose of the event is educating young people and not only on cultural standards, social and environmental exploitation, promoting tourism, extreme sports, outdoor activities, hiking trails.
1. Tourism Fair Mountain, Adventure and Extreme Sports "Mocăniţa" (sixth edition)
2. Conference
3. Day of movement - is held over 3 days (12, 14, May 16) with the target group Cluj, especially young people who want to maintain their health through movement (sport).
4. Days of Adventure - in order to make known the pleasure youth to practice different activities in the natural environment.
5. Treasure Hunt in the city Cluj.

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