Expo Marathon - Award CeremonyExpo Marathon - Award CeremonyExpo Maraton is a major local art competition held in May at the Matthias Corvinus House that brings 16 powerful art exhibitions showcasing young artists. The exhibitors are BA or MA students at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca and their works are open for public every Tuesday and Thursday at 19.00 in May for voting. At the end of the marathon, the visitors' vote will decide the winners of the competition.

Friday, 29 May 2015, 19.00 h, The Matthias Corvinus House (Sala Mare / The Great Hall) will host the Awards Ceremony of the competition.
Nacultura is a solid concept that promotes dance. art and culture of hip-hop, in
its essence, organizing workshops and events, supporting artists across the country.
The event "The Sweet Jam" is designed national & international, the program includes competitions including
dance, music and drawing, also workshops and promoting young artists.
The first edition was held in Timisoara (2009-two days event) with the support of Timisoara City Hall
and the second edition was held in Cluj-Napoca (2011) with the support of L'atelier Cafe (first day) and
Euphoria Music Hall (second day).
1. The purpose of the event is to spread culture through an educational program and to
reach a wider audience, especially young children, to inspire the next generation, a way
to communicate freely regardless of race, culture or social environment.
Previous editions have had a strong impact on the audience and participants, following a
cultural presentation of the hip-hop culture and its elements.
2. Development of the event:
- Will be divided in two days, Friday and Saturday (May 29 to 30, 2015).
- Location: Centre de Cultura Urbana CASINO Cluj-Napoca
- Event structure will be as follows:
I. dance contest breakin '- this contest is held by categories
- There is no age limit.
Participant across the country, aprox.100. (Cluj Napoca, Zalau,
Timisoara, Bucharest, Iasi, Brasov, Bistrita, Oradea, Targu Mures)
II. Proof Graffiti-Writing - workshop: will be invited artists to make a
presentation of this artistic movement
(Both verbal and practical)
III. Exhibition - Throughout the event, location "Casino" will be exposed
works of young artists.
Category winners of the third edition, will be selected by a jury (national or
international) that will be made specifically for this contest.
The jury will share their experience and knowledge in workshops for participants.
The event "The Sweet Jam" will end with a party open to guests, participants
and the general public.