"CELEBRATE" - National PENIEL ConferencePeniel camps and conferences draw thousands of youth every year. The National Peniel Conference is one of the largest and most dynamic Christian youth event in Romania. At this event, Peniel will celebrate 20 years of activity. Therefore, if you want to sing along with some of the best music bands and to be encouraged by some of the best speakers, please come and join us and other thousands of youth on May, 1-2.
TEEN SPIRIT is a program that wishes to develop theater plays targeted at a teenaged public, as a result of a process of evaluation, research and communication with the targeted audience at its current state. In our local cultural environment, there is an obvious lack of artistic products that are especially conceived for this young audience, which leads to the absence of teenagers from the audience of both private or institutional theaters.

The concept of „Youth Theater ” has already been developed in most of the European cities, giving models such as Theater An Der Parkaue from Berlin,Germany, The Youth Theatre from Novi Sad, Serbia, or Backa Teater from Göteborg, Sweden.

The main objective of this project is to document and develop new ways of expression, specific to the targeted audience. The project is a prototype that tries to find an efficient way to involve and reflect upon an age segment that is currently ignored, aiming to develop itself as a constant platform of our independent theatre, Reactor.