The Lace Booth (Cabina de dantela)

In Cluj-Napoca on the Eroilor street the artist Corina Oprea invites the public to write and send a post card to the destination of choice and to draw or write an impression of Cluj in an album, all in The Lace Booth.
The Lace Booth brings to the street, from doors and closets, hand made laces that not long ago represented a very common interior decoration in former communist eastern Europe, thus finding for them a novel and unexpected utility.
Composed from a collage of fragments, some of them worked by the artist, some by her mother, some borrowed or bought from markets, the Lace Booth makes you relive the childhood spirit and reminds you of your mother or grandmother crocheting lace by hand.
The artist’s proposal to the public is to replace for a few minutes the e-mail with the almost old fashioned gesture of handwriting a message and an address, and making the “effort” of mailing a postcard. An even greater joy and surprise, of actually receiving a real postcard in the real postal box, is experienced by the person on the other end.
The passer by can simply rest five minutes in a space that puts a filter between him and the reality. One can even observe without being observed.
”Voices of fire” consists of four elements: the fire, a female voice, a male voice and a cello voice. They offer 30 minutes of intense show that will generate heat and emotion. A line of flames will draw several directions in the dark, tracing the tracks of the stationary locomotive from Cluj-Napoca.

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