Share joy, build a home!Habitat for Humanity Cluj would like to organize a five-day long volunteering event, dedicated to people aged 18-30, in which the participants will build four homes for low-income families, in Jucu de Sus. For each of the 5 days of the event, we will create open teams for which anybody can sign up.

Habitat for Humanity Cluj hosts each year around 500 volunteers, and our construction team has 15 years of experience in coordinating local and international volunteers.

The required budget will cover during the event transportation costs, meals and protective gear for 60 volunteers, as well as communication costs and construction materials.

A volunteering activity together with Habitat for Humanity Cluj, even for a day, is an incredible experience that offers great personal satisfaction. For some participants, it is the first time they do this kind of volunteering, but not the last, as they return to the worksite to continue to help as time allows them.

The Habitat for Humanity Cluj project in Jucu de Sus will become the biggest project of the organization, lasting for aprox. 4 years, and includes new constructions of homes as well as a center for people with disabilities.
The project is composed by a series of happenings , first with volunteers as participants. In time, the volunteers will be replaced by persons from the public, willing to experience the joy of a "serious" game, with a social-political meaning.