Csokonai wrote The Widow of Mr. Karnyó for student theatre. The story is quite grotesque, and if we were to interpret it in a realistic way, it would be a horrible story. There is a “tough” crone, who is wooed by two young men, but only for her money. She has a mentally disabled child and her husband is away fighting in a war. Everybody believes he is dead, but later he comes home. In the end, she tries to commit suicide due to lovesickness. There is something of Mother Courage in it. According to Csokonai, the genre of the play is fairytale, because this is how he defined the absurd in the 18th century.

Attila Keresztes
Expozitia absolventilor UADRegarded as one of the most important contemporary art exhibitions in Romania, UAD's Graduates Exhibition is impressive by its magnitude: 320 exhibitors, over 3500 artworks covering 3600 m2 in Expo Transilvania Hall with over 10.000 visitors in one week.
The University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca has initiated this project in 2000, now reaching its 15th edition and growing a strong tradition around the Art School of Cluj. The exhibition is showcasing a huge variety of artworks: paintings, sculptures, engravings, drawings, posters, mixed media works and installations, performances, photographies, video art, restoration projects, ceramics and glassworks, design objects and projects, textile art installations and fashion projects; created by young artists, ready to meet art professionals, creative industries, employers and you - our visitor during this week. Save the date!