National Meeting of Catholic Youth of RomaniaNational Meeting of Catholic Youth of RomaniaThe National Meeting of Catholic Youth of Romania offers the opportunity to Catholic young people to meet and know each other, to attend formation activities (human and spiritual level) and to manifest their enthusiasm through cultural and artistic moments.
ISASS was created for medical students all over the world, passionate and eager to experience real hands-on training in various surgical specialties.
1. DiaEuro2015 = the 4th edition of the European Futsal Championship for people with diabetes.
- National teams from all over Europe;
- Formed by 10 players, over 18 years old with type 1 or type 2 DM (diabetes mellitus);
- To demonstrate that people with DM can do competitive sports;
- To emphasize the importance of physical activity in DM management.
DiaRomania = Romania diabetes futsal team
- Founded in March 2013 under FADR (Romanian Federation of Diabetes Association) and FRDNBM (Romanian Federation for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic diseases) auspices;
- Players from the entire country;
- First participation on DiaEuro 2013 (the second edition of this championship) obtaining the 6th place;
- Winner of the DiaEuro 2014 edition and the title for the best player.
As winners we will organize this event in Cluj-Napoca during 19th-26th July. Besides matches the participants will have the occasion to take part to other activities meant to reveal the beauty and the potential of Cluj-Napoca and the surrounding areas (visits at museums and the botanical garden, a trip at the Turda salt mine, a barbeque at the Village Museum). The ending of this event will be marked by a farewell party.
2. The National Forum for people with DM and diabetes associations:
- Held every year under FADR, FRDNBM and ABD Cluj (Association for people with diabetes Cluj-Napoca) auspices.
Participants – 600 representing:
- Futsal players;
- People with diabetes from Romania;
- People with diabetes from all over Europe;
- Young leaders in diabetes (YLD) from all over the world.
- To improve the knowledge of people with diabetes through educational sessions and workshops;
- Special educational sessions and workshops about the importance of physical activity in diabetes (the novelty of this year forum);
- To form a strong diabetes network in our country;
- Simultaneously held with DiaEuro 2015 will favor the collaborations between young people with diabetes from all over Europe including Romania.