Global Village-Global Village-ul este un eveniment organizat de AIESEC Cluj Napoca, proiectul "We are the youth generation" si cu sprijinul Primăriei şi al Consiliului Local Cluj-Napoca,
sub egida şi pentru susţinerea candidaturii oraşului Cluj-Napoca la titlul de Capitală Culturală Europeană 2021cu persoane din diferite ţări şi culturi care iau parte la proiectele organizate de noi.
The Cluj County Boxing Association is organizing the International Boxing Championship “Centura Transilvaniei” between 23.07 – 25.07.2015 at Horea Demian Sports Hall in Cluj-Napoca, the program will be:
-14-16th July, 17:00 boxing demonstration at Polus Center;
-15-17th July, 17:00 boxing demonstration la Iulius Mall;
-23rd July, 12:00 press conference with the participation of all the guests mentioned below, trainers from fellow clubs in the country and abroad, and representatives of the mass media; 17:00 opening gala
-24th July, 17:00 semifinal;
25th July 10:00 final.

The participants to the competition will be from Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Republic of Moldova and Romania.
Because this competition will take place during the European Youth Capital 2015, we will make the most out of perfectioning local box players and to discover new talents in this noble art.
As guest stars we will have Leonard Doroftei (president of FRBox), Mihai Leu (world champion), Adrian Diaconu (world champion), Valentin Silaghi (bronze medal at the Moscow Olimpiad in 1980 and the federal box trainer of Germany, who will also receive the title of Honorable Citizen of Cluj County)