Our young volunteer guides, as heirs to a rich and colourful cultural heritage, offer to be your host while discovering this fascinating town we call our home. Whether you’re local, or come from thousands of miles away, our city tour will offer you a youthful and varied insight into the unique experience this town has to offer. Solemn events next to quirky episodes, wonderful monuments alongside curious little details, awesome people as well as the petty villains, fact and myths, coronations and executions, past and present – we attempt to give you a hands-on and personalized experience you’ll never forget.
NATO International Summer School (NISS) aims to contribute in solving one of the most important problems among young people, namely - lack of access to opportunities for gaining practical skills. Important global aspects of the 21st century will be debated during the Summer School: the types of threats NATO faces, its response’s mechanisms and the decision-making process within the organization.