Guided Cycling Tour - Turda Gorge & Salina TurdaWe start out our cycling day from the western side of Cluj and for the first 10 km we are following beautiful forest-roads where beech-woods and pine-groves vary each other. Passing the forests and getting to a pasture, we are welcomed by a nice panorama and an enjoyable downhill.
We are going to cycle through villages and unpaved dirt-roads, until we get to the canyon's upper entrance. We will traverse the canyon, with its walls reaching 200 m along the Hesdat River, and cross some suspension bridges.
Leaving the 3 km long Turda Gorge, we will continue cycling towards Turda, where a fantastic underground world is awaiting us, the Salina Turda, the most amazing former salt mine in Romania.
It is the coolest underground place in the world, according to Business Insider. Boating, underground ferris-wheel and other fun surprises are waiting for us.
Transfer to Cluj.
CooltUrbanThe idea for this festival started to crystallize in 2013, when we concluded on the necessity for a festival dedicated exclusively to urban culture.

Of course, attempts have been made to integrate the urban culture within other concepts, but never a festival dedicated only to it. In this way, we developed CooltUrban as a platform for talented youngsters from Cluj Napoca, a platform that has as a main purpose bringing talented young people in front of a dedicated audience right here in the “green heart” of the city.

The project brings together talented people from several areas of street art: Beatbox, Street dance, Music, Parkour, Graffiti, Skateboarding, Urban inspired photography, hammocks, creative workshops, alternative theatre and street magic.
The entire concept introduces a relaxed and informal atmosphere for a wide sector of audience.