17th ‘Szent István’ Folk-Dance FestivalSzINT Association, Heltai Gáspár Library Foundation, together with Szarkaláb Association have organized annually the ‘Szent István’ Folk-Dance Festival since 1999. In this year we organize the 17th edition of this festival.
It has become one of the most significant international minority festivals of the Carpathian Basin, and become more and more acknowledged outside the region also. During these 16 years we have hosted 120 folk-dance groups (about 3000 people), from 15 minorities of 13 countries. Some groups have become regular participants of our program. The ‘Szent István’ International Folk-Dance Festival takes place around Cluj-Napoca annually and in 9-10 various locations in the counties of Cluj and Zalau, enabling the resident population of these counties to actively participate in the programs. This year our invitations are Spartakos Folk Dance Group – Greece, Wurwor Folk Dance Group – Germany, Zamojszczyzna Folk Dance Group – Poland, Krupitsa Musiki Folk Dance Group – Belarus, Szulok Folk Dance Group – Hungary, Róna Folk Dance Group – Serbia, Castelvaimondo Folk Dance Group – Italy, Udmurt Folk Dance Group – Russia, Nádaş Rusia – Slovakia, Nistor Gheorghe Folk Dance Group – Hungary, Talicska Folk Dance Group – Croatia, Dor Transilvan Folk Dance Group – Romania, Szarkaláb Folk Dance Group – Romania.
17. International Folklore Festival Szent István
In 2015 Heltai Gáspár Library Foundation together with Szarkaláb Folk-Dance Group presents the 17th International Folklore Festival “Szent István” (Saint Stephen).
17th International Folklore Festival “Szent István” will be held between 19-24 August 2015 in Kolozsvár (Cluj) and surrounding traditional Hungarian villages and cities.