TANGO CAZINO, 4th Edition - 20-23 august 2015TANGO CAZINO, 4th Edition - 20-23 august 2015

Tango Cazino is the most important Argentine Tango international festival in Romania, held annually in August, in Cluj-Napoca. Classes are held by guest teachers from abroad. Held each year in Centrul de Cultura Urbana Casino, since 2011, now at it's 4th edition will bring from all over the world artists, teachers, students, and so on in the art form of argentine tango. Also we will provide in addition to what we usually offer the possibility of FREE classes in the esplanade of Centrul de Cultura Urbana Cazino.

The aim of these activities is to make passionate young dancers who live and study in Cluj aware of the fact that Cluj is The European Youth Capital 2015. We would also like to involve people in the events in order to give them a sense of belonging. The events are meant to attract a young audience and to make people familiar with dance as a way of expressing themselves freely. In addition, dance is an educational way of spending free time. We encourage cultural exchanges between the participants from various cities, universities, schools and dance clubs, as well as the improvement of the current dancers by attending classes taught by guest teachers and maestros.
Sounds Cluj – Musical Playground in the European Youth CapitalSounds Cluj is an interactive community project that aims to create music in an innovative way. Our plan is to engage the passers-by of the street in a collaborative creation of music.
We will set up a street studio in the Museum square and in the Central Park, where the music produced by those willing to participate will be recorded. The material will then be mixed and mastered by young DJs and composers from Cluj. The end product of our work will be a music album that will have hundreds of contributing artists, all of them: the people of Cluj.
Vera Jónás, an acclaimed singer, songwriter and loop artist from Hungary and her crew from the Snétberger Music Talent Center will help us to implement our project.
More info on: www.facebook.com/soundscluj