Parinte inFloresti Association together with Cora hypermarket and partners: Le Petit Paris and Fiesta Cubana, invite you to a Cuban cultural evening on September 4th, starting at 5.00 pm.
Children and parents present will be able to :
- Participate in workshops ;
- Attend a cocktail show ;
- Watch a cultural moment .
Attendance is free; registration is recommended for children workshops:
We invite you to spend an educational and fun afternoon together!
The European Christian Orthodox Youth MeetingFor 4 days, in Cluj-Napoca there will be huge events for more than 5000 orthodox youths from all over the Romania and from Europe: cultural activities (visiting the museums and the cultural places of the city, exhibitions for youths), public concerts (with Holograf, the most famous pop band in Romania, folk concerts and Romanian traditional music), educational activities (conference with the well known Romanian spiritual father Rafail Noica and Archimandrite Zaharia Zaharou from the Essex Monastery of England; group discussions, seminars) and interactiv activities (youth folk music, youth skits, traditional dancing, public workshops, youth procession).