The Busy Couple’s Guide to Sharing the Work & the Joy-
Are you married to your housekeeping opposite? Feeling overworked and underappreciated? Struggling to agree on how a house “should” be run?
You are most warmly invited to the unconventional book launch of The Busy Couple’s Guide to Sharing the Work & the Joy
(translated in Romanian)
Monday, September 14, 7 pm
In The Busy Couple’s Guide to Sharing the Work and the Joy, you are offered a much-needed look at a common area of division between couples: running a household. You’ll find tools to fairly divvy up parenting and household duties; teambuilding techniques for surviving and thriving amidst financial downturns; and steps to growing stronger in your faith as a family. Plus special “advice to guys” in each chapter from Bill Peel! This book is packed full of empowering steps you can take today to restore joy to your marriage, order to your home, and peace to daily life.
#Cluj2015: weekly events: 14th-20th September

Not sure about what to do in your free time this week? Here's an idea. Or 21. :))

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