18+ festival26-27 September we gather in Cetatuia Park for a third edition of 18+ festival.

Tens of artists from no less than 10 countries of the world will excite you with concerts illustrated live, art installations, exhibition and interactive spaces.

Free entrance is granted to all the activities in the program.

Phillipe Cohen Solal DJ Set (Gotan Project) - FR

Puerto Flamenco - SP

Mikromusic - PL

Fischermanns Orchestra - CH

Bonnage Horreur - AT

Musai Soundworks - RO

Labirintul Connected - Elena Ilash, Florin Marin, Adriana Goilav, Flaviu Moldovan, Ioana Olăhuţ, Cristina Coza-Damian, Anca Bodea, Liliana Marin, Cristina Gagiu , Lucian Szekely-Răfan - RO

Matka - Olga Ziemska - S.U.A.

Matchstick Men - Wolfgang Stiller - DE

Breast Berries - Maria Roosen - NL

The Transport Box of the Saint George - Petra Křivová, Adam Velíšek, Adam Kovalčík - CZ

Anonymous - Darius Hulea - RO

Details: www.18plusfestival.ro
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/493605230802334/