Youth Employment Month in Cluj 2015

October is Youth Employment Month in Cluj 2015!

If you are looking for career opportunities in Cluj-Napoca or just want to know what the future has reserved for you on the job market, you should definitely check out the Youth Employment Month in the Cluj 2015 program!

Over 21 events dedicated to this subject are already prepared and many more will be added as the month of October will unveil itself.

Check out the programme and JOIN THE EVENT(S) RIGHT HERE.

Or go to this article for more information (in Romanian).
Filmtettfeszt - Hungarian Film Days / Filmtettfeszt - Zilele Filmului Maghiar / Filmtettfeszt - Erdélyi Magyar FilmszemleThe 15th edition of Filmtettfeszt – Hungarian Film days will be held between 30th September – 4th October 2015. The festival will showcase the latest and most awarded Hungarian filmes to the citizens of Cluj, we’ll show 12 feature films and over 50 Hungarian short films. Free entry for all screenings.