Looking for some quality time and fun learning on a Friday night out?

Don't miss the European Researchers' Night on Friday, 25 September 2015!

This is a mega event which takes place every year simultaneously in several hundred cities all over Europe and beyond.

Whether with family, friends, your school, or on your own, you will find yourself exploring science in engaging ways.

Discover what researchers really do and why it matters for your daily life.

What does a Cold War bunker look like?
How can we identify a specimen using a smart phone?
Can we stop climate change?
What did our ancestors use to eat?
What is a ‘healthy city’?

These questions and much more will be answered through behind-the-scenes guided tours of research labs that are normally closed to the public, interactive science shows, hands-on experiments or workshops.
Romanian National Golf Championship

EN: Romanian National Championship is the major competition for amateurs golfers of all ages members at romanian golf clubs.

ROU: Campionatul National de Golf este competitia majora a golfului romanesc si reuneste competitori de toate varstele, legitimati la cluburile din tara.
My Hometown is a project of Urbannect ONG wich is meant to create a cosy and homelike relation of the citizens with their own town. We try to make people be connected with the Public Space as they are with their own home. We made an Urban Living Room from recycled pallets and invited the community to use it for relaxation and fun. Here you can just stay and enjoy drinking coffe or tea, here the children can play or paint, here we can talk about our pets, about our problems, we can find how to plant ecological aromatic plants in our balcony, we can listen good music or watch a movie.

We begin our journey in october 2014 in Unirii Central Square and, for 2015, we were in Grigorescu Neighborhood, on Grigorescu Beach, in 14-16 august, in Mănăștur Neighborhood, in 4-6 september, for 25-27 septembrie in Gheorgheni,Mărăști and the final step is to bring all our friends on Eroilor Boulevard in 16-18 octombrie.

We consider that is very important to expand the cultural life of the city in the neighborhood's because there exist a huge potential to develope an entire web of events wich will help the entire community to be part of the same big urban family.
A family who lives in the same big urban home. OUR HOMETOWN!