The Life in the Spirit Seminar is designed as an introduction to a life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit. It provides an opportunity for people to find out more about that life, and to be helped in taking the first steps of a new relationship with the Lord. For those who are not Christians at all, it can serve as an introduction to Christianity and a time to make a first commitment to Jesus Christ. For those who are already Christians, it offers help in finding a fuller release of the Holy Spirit to live a deeper Christian life.
TiMAF - Festivalul International de Muzica si Arta Transilvania
Born from the desire to bring artistical manifestations in front of the people from Cluj in order to activate them as cultural consumers, TiMAF is promoting a series of artistical events. TiMAF therefore promotes music and dance arts, shows, graphical arts, decorative arts, literature, interdisciplinary manifestations within mass or specialized events, created for a large public with the purpose of promoting the arts and educating the public around them.