Personal Branding 4EUth employment TC“A brand is a promise of value”
Personal branding (PB) is not for everyone, is just for the ones that want to leave a mark behind. Because a Personal Brand is useless if it doesn’t offer something to other. Is not a matter of money but of attitude.
We invite you to discover and learn more together...
Personal Branding 4EUth employment is a Training Course, Financed by Erasmus+, which will take place in Cluj-Napoca, between 5 and 14 october 2015.
Participants will be made of 20 youth workers, trainers and educators from Romania, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland.
The activities of the project are built on non-formal education, training and coaching.
Bike Adventure /Aventura pe bita
Romana/ Romanian

Acest proiect isi propune sa le prezinte studentilor veniti din alte parti ale tarii o parte din valorile orasului nostru, culturale si sociale.

Proiectul se va desfasura sub forma unui concurs in 3 etape, cu premii substantiale

3 Octombrie, 4 Octombrie ,9 Octombrie
Iar incheierea va fi sub forma unui tur al orasului in data de 11 Octombrie .
Festivitatea de premiere va avea loc pe lacul de la Iulius Mall pe scena verde

English/ Engleza

This project purpose is to present students that come from other parts of the country some of our cultural and social city values ​.

The project will take place as a competition in three stages with substantial prizes:

October 3 , October 4 , October 9
And the and the final part will be as a city tour on October 11 .
The award ceremony will take place on the lake at Iulius Mall on "scena verde"