SoNoRo Festival - 10th Edition - The DreamersFounded in 2006 by violist Razvan Popovici, SoNoRo Festival has developed into one of the most exciting and innovative music festivals in Eastern Europe.
Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, is the home of the Festival. In 2008 SoNoRo chose Cluj Napoca as his second permanent home. The concerts take place in important concert halls as well as in clubs, museums and other unusual locations, underlining the creative and adventurous spirit of this young cultural initiative.
SoNoRo is more than an annual festival, it includes a series of projects that bring a new opportunity for community involvement, cultural exchenge and promotes the cultural heritage.
For five years now, SoNoRo Festival has taken place in Arezzo, Italy. Home of Francesco Petrarca, Giorgio Vasari and Piero della Francesca, this ancient Tuscan city has been an important cultural center for centuries. The SoNoRo concerts are a significant addition to the artistic landscape of the region and take place in some of the most beautiful palaces, churches and private residences.
We are proud to experience support, enthusiasm and appreciation of the Italian audiences.
SoNoRo Arezzo is a successfull experiment in exporting a cultural initiative and concept into another country. It opens new doors for both promoting SoNoRo internationally as well as creating bridges and connections on the European level.
The SoNoRo Festival went on tour not only in major Romanian cities but also in some of the most prestigious concert halls worldwide such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Wigmore Hall in London, Konzerthaus in Vienna, Gasteig in Munich and YMCA in Jerusalem as well as in Kiev, Istanbul, Athens, Sofia and Riga. SoNoRo Festival regularly collaborates with festivals such as Kobe Music Festival (Japan), Riga Chamber Music Festival (Latvia), Chiemgauer Musikfrühling and Kulturwald (Germany), Music at Plush (UK), Sounding Jerusalem (Israel), Tartini Festival (Slovenia) and Cantiere di Montepulciano and Spoleto Festival (Italia).This initiative is a fantastic opportunity to share our spirit and
creativity with international audiences and to further promote our vision.
SoNoRo-Interferences is an educational project for talented young musicians aged 13 to 30. After the audition process, the scholarship winners get the opportunity to play chamber music together with internationally renowned musicians as well as receive tuition. The goal of the program is to broaden the cultural and musical horizon of young music students and to help them in developing their creativity and professional skills at the beginning of their career.
SoNoRo-Interferences came to life in 2007 in Romania and has since then expanded to other European countries, including Italy (Arezzo and Montepulciano), Ukraine (Kiev) and Germany (Bad Endorf). Since then over 200 scholarships have been awarded. Many of the scholarship winners reached outstanding results studying in prestigious musical institutions in London, Berlin, Vienna, Zürich, Hamburg, Bucharest and Vienna as well as winning prizes at major international competitions.
SoNoRo Conac (SoNoRo Mansion) is an annual series of chamber music concerts in some of the most beautiful and emblematic places in Romania - mansions, castles and monasteries. The aim of the project is to promote the architectural heritage of the country, which was neglected for many decades and is now being rediscovered and rebuilt.
SoNoRo Conac is an opportunity to revive the tradition of intimate music making in an informal setting, away from the big concert halls. It is our contribution to the beauty and cultural diversity of Romania.
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PolisportPolisport este un eveniment bianual ce presupune organizarea de competiţii sportive între studenţi. Este primul mare eveniment sportiv la care vor participa studenţii în noul an universitar.
Dezvoltă munca în echipă, relaxarea şi socializarea între tineri şi implicit de susţinere reciprocă.
Evenimentul se desfășoară în diverse zone din Cluj - Napoca, cum ar fi: Campus Observator, Campus Mărăști, Complexul de Natație, etc.
Această ediție de Polisport include: fotbal, basket, handbal, tenis de câmp, tenis de picior, tenis de masă, rummy, șah, table, poker, darts, badminton, cso-cso, wall climbing, PC gaming (Dota2, Hearthstone, FIFA, CS:GO, LOL), skandenberg, biliard, înot, paintbal și karting.

Polisport is a biannual event that involves organizing sport competitions for students. It's the first great sports' events in the new academic year.
It develops teamwork, relaxation and socialization between young people and also mutual support.
The event will take place throughout Cluj - Napoca including: Campus Observator, Campus Mărăști, Complexul de Natație, etc.
This year's edition includes: football, basket, handball, field tennis, table tennis, foot tennis, rummy, chess, backgammon, poker, darts, badminton, table football, wall climbing, PC gaming, (Dota2, Hearthstone, FIFA, CS:GO, LOL), skandenberg, pool, swimming, paintball, and carting.